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2022 Winners and Finalists!

Elementary School Winner

Go Save the World

by Shoan Deb

Elementary School Finalist

 California Drought & Climate Change 

by Liku Inaba

Best in Fest & Middle School Winner

Boxed Like a Fish - The Harmful Effects of OverFishing 

by Siddarth Chibber

Middle School Finalists

Climate Medicine -

The Collision of Climate Change & Human Health 

by Camille Chu

Melting Madness 

by Allison Wylie & Elaina Newman

High School Winner

How Consumerism Drives Climate Change

by Lian Wang

High School Finalists

Climate Change Action - Lessons from Tackling Acid Rain

by Oliver Cho 

The Dangers of Nuclear Power 

by Molly Abramson

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