Rules for the Film Festival

4th - 12th

Grades which are eligible to enter. Elementary, middle and high school students participate separately.

5 minutes

Maximum length of film, which must include relevant citations in credits. Films can range in genres, as long as they pertain to the environment.


Size of your filmmaking can work individually or with some friends!

Mar. 15

The Sunday night that your submission is due,

at 11:59PM. Upload your video to YouTube and submit using the form below!

Mar. 24

The Tuesday night of the Film Festival, from 6:00 to 8:00PM. You must go in order to win!

Click on the icon to check out the rubric our judges will use to evaluate your film!

Click on the icon to submit your film via Google Form! Be sure to upload your video to YouTube.


The Citizen's Environmental Council (CEC) and the Burlingame Environmental Club have partnered to create the first environmental film festival in the city of Burlingame. This festival is for all 4th to 12th grade students in the Bay Area.


T: 650-995-1826


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