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2019 Winners and Finalists!

Elementary School Winner

STE News Episode 23

 by Mika Haggarty and Olivia McGlynn

Best in Fest & Middle School Winner

Trash Task

by Alison Saunders

Middle School Finalists

Preventing Carbon Emissions 

by Emma Hou

Last Chance 

by Astrid Carlen

Food vs. Humanity 

by Finn Lorian and Elana Weisman

How the Trash Ruins Our Ecosystems 

by Maria Tserman

and Maria Dontova

High School Winner

Plastic Bottle Short Film 

by Mark Mangano

High School Finalists

Clear the Air 

by Will Graczewski and Corbin Rubero

Plastic Bottle Short Film 

by Mark Mangano

Rising Tides

by Cole Fletchall-Silva, Cate Cattano

and Jackson Beebe

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