2018 Winners and Finalists!

Overall & Elementary School Winner

"Feed the Future" by Natalie Wylie

"8 Ways to Save the Planet" by Olivia McGlynn and Mika Haggarty

"Ocean Pollution" by Sydney Chen

"Love Nature" by Illaria Bronzini, Caitlin Fegan, and Jane Hipps

"The Paper Towel Challenge" by Avery Speight

"Save the Jungle" by Luke Ni and Charlie Zitnick

Elementary School Finalists

Middle School Winner

"Reducing Your Carbon Footprint" by Minnoli Raghavan

Middle School Finalists

"Save Your Energy" by Maya Musselman

"Planet of Trash" by Abigail Akers

"An UnDRINKable Crisis" by Ethan Dubovsky

"Once Upon A Reality" by Astrid C., Anisa N., and Sylvie O.

"Effects of Factory Farming" by Ryan Quisol

High School Winner

"Car Pollution and the Air you Breathe" by Lukas Mills and Aiden Burke

High School Finalists

"Can't Breathe Easy" by Juliet Adelman

"Through the Screen" by Cole Fletchall Silva

"Sleazy Mr. Tobacco" by Jackson G., Cris Y., and Johnny M.


The Citizen's Environmental Council (CEC) and the Burlingame Environmental Club have partnered to create the first environmental film festival in the city of Burlingame. This festival is for all 4th to 12th grade students in the Bay Area.


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